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  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
  • Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
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Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank
Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank

Eachine X-power X2 10400mAh Power Bank

US$27.99 ($69.99)
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Product Specification:
Battery type :Samsung 2600mah 18650 battery
Capacity :10400mAh
Input :5V/1A
Output :5V/1A - 5V/2.1A
Dimensions :14cm*6.3cm*2cm(L*H*W)
Weight :245g/8.64oz

Comfort Grab Feel:

Chic and minimalistic design(14cm*2cm*6.3cm)of this item make you have a comfort grab feel, and this will be the best choice when travel.Easy to take,no worry about the power alarm.

Super Power:

LCD screen ,where you can get the accurate power data from.10400mAh is composed of 4pcs of SAMSUNG 2600mAh 18650 battery which can charge your iphone 5 up to 5 times .Dual USB output port can charge one tablet or one cellphone at the same time.

We promise safety:

We use SAMSUNG 18650 battery which has CE certification. With protected IC ,No over-charging. NO,over-discharging , No,over-loading; short circuit.Please feel free to use!

Compatible models:

-Apple iPhone 5S 5C 5 4s 4 3Gs iPod Touch iPad 1 2 3 4 Air ipad mini Retina ipad mini(Use with your original Apple Lightning to USB cable)
-HTC One Max X V S Sensation XE XL Thunderbolt EVO 3D EVO 4G Evo Shift 4G
-Samsung Galaxy S4 S4Mini S3 S3Mini S2 Note 1 2 3 Epic 4G Galaxy Nexus
-Blackberry Z10 Curve Storm 2 Tour Style Bold Torch
-Motorola Atrix Bionic Droid Razr Maxx X X2 2 3 4 triumph -Nokia N900 N8 N97 C6 C3 C7 E7 X6 Lumia 1020 800 900 700
Customer Reviews
Average rating: 4.8 (7 reviews)
By Michael Gooch "Management Consultant-HR" 14-06-03
I gave this unit to my wife for a trial after receiving it from the company for a honest review.

She had two other portable chargers. The other two were stuck in a drawer aster the testing and she now uses the Eachine unit exclusively. While I liked the high capacity rating (and the flashlight) my wife was most impressed with the speed of recharging her totally dead iPhone 4 (2 hr) and the small amount of power used by the Eachine to perform this task (at 85% when complete charge occurred).

I found the connectors to be up to par. After a short tutorial, she was able to charge the unit and connect it to her phone.

For emergencies which is the main concern for my wife, this unit cannot be beat.

Michael L. Gooch
By Daniel G. Lebryk 14-05-26
OK Battery
I should love this battery - the form factor is wonderful, a % charge number, two USB ports, a small LED flashlight, and a large capacity - 10,400 mAh, all great things. Overall, it is a good battery.

I have used more batteries than anybody should ever use, way too many. Eachine makes really good batteries; I love their little round flashlight style batteries and their flat pocket able 6000 mAh battery. This 10,400 mAh batteries kind of fall a little bit short for me. And I'm talking about details here, not major issues.

The capacity is a little lower than I expected. It will only do about 66% of a full charge on an iPad Air. I've charged my iPad several times and only end up getting about 2/3 of a charge (33% to 100%, 23% to 95%, 8% to 75%). I expect a 10,400 mAh battery to give me 100% of a charge on an iPad Air (8,800 mAh battery). This battery doesn't charge my iPad at a consistent rate. At the start it charges very slowly, at almost trickle rate. After an hour or so, it picks up to the high charge rate. Most batteries this size will charge that the super high rate the whole way.

The display drives me kind of crazy. For some reason I always want to hold this battery upside down and read the % charge display upside down - it confuses me. I've done this now for weeks and can't figure out why I'm always reading it the wrong way. Something about the design makes me hold it the wrong way around.

There are two USB ports, so two devices can be charged at once. You have 2 Amps to split between the two ports. This will work great with cell phones. I wouldn't try charging an iPad and an iPhone at the same time - it will just take too long.

Sadly it takes a really long time for the battery to charge via the microUSB port. A battery this capacity should charge from 0% to 100% overnight - this takes about 4 or 5 hours more than overnight.

For adding a bit of charge to a tablet, this isn't a bad battery. I wish it charged faster, could deliver a higher rate of charge, and could charge my iPad to 100% from fully dead.

I was provided a review sample.

Eachine Blue 3000mAh Portable Backup External Battery Lip-stick Power Bank Charger
Eachine Black Ultra-slim 6000mah Portable Backup External Battery Three USB Ports Power Bank with Inside Charger Cable
By Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" 14-05-24
Some nice features
The review sample I received is a little on the large and heavy side, so if you are seeking a battery pack that is portable this may not meet your needs. It may not easily fit in a pants pocket or small purse, but does in a backpack and it provides a lot of spare power when you are away from the grid or access to outlets is problematic.

Last year it would have been one of the higher capacity batteries on the market, but this year it is in the mid range. For me and probably ninety percent of other users this is not an issue because 10400mAh is a lot of spare capacity. Before proceeding I want to let you know that I always multiply new battery packs by .9 to get a more realistic capacity. That's because there are some losses in efficiency from heat, the transfer process, condition of your charging cable and myriad other factors. Using my quick formula you can expect about 9360mAh from this battery. What this means in real life is if you are using an Apple iPhone 5S with a stock 1560mAh this will provide an additional six hundred percent of use time. For an iPad 2 with a stock 6930mAh battery it will slightly more than double your use time.

I did some quick tests with the aforementioned Apple devices, plus my Galaxy Note 3 and Tab 3 10.1, and this battery pack simultaneously charged up the pair of Apples, then did the same for the pair of Samsungs - and did so as quickly as when I was using OEM chargers plugged into the wall. That is impressive because there is usually some latency when charging from a battery, but I did not notice any appreciable difference.

One of the feature that I love is the real LED display that shows exactly how much capacity is remaining down to the one percent. This is a vast improvement over the old style LEDs that would show increments of twenty or twenty-five percent (depending on brand and model). This has a built in flashlight too, so for camping it is a useful feature. A better set of features is the integrated circuit that prevents over charging, loading and discharging, and protects against short circuits. That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling more than a flashlight.

One final thing that impressed me is the price, which at the time of this review is around thirty bucks. A year ago battery packs with the same rated capacity were going for over three times as much, so as the technology improves the price seems to keep dropping. This model is not only priced to reflect that, but has features like the LED display that was lacking on the earlier generation of these batteries. I give this one an easy five stars for value, features and performance.
By Nuknuk 14-05-23
This is a rather big 10,400 mAh capacity power pack a compact form. It is very plain and clean looking making it a nice companion for my son's white iPad mini. The LED flashlight can be turned on or turned off by pressing the button twice. The backlit LCD panel is bright and gives you the exact battery level you have remaining . It can charge two devices at a time with 1 USB slot at 2.1A (for tablets) and another slot at 1A for cellphones and smaller electronics like MP3 player, etc.

It comes with a microUSB cable and three connector tips - 30-pin connector for older Apple devices, miniUSB and Nokia. No 8-pin Lightning tip is included. You use the same microUSB cable to charge the battery pack as well as for charging your devices with the connector tips.

My only gripe is the poor packaging. It could have been a nice thing to wrap as a present if it has better packaging.

I am rating this 5 stars for its features, capacity, minimalistic look and affordable price (under 30$ at the time I write this review).

A sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.
By Rob Slaven "slavenrm@gmail. com" 14-05-18
Finally a portable USB battery unit that I won't give away to people at work
As usual I received this unit free in exchange for a review. Despite that kindness I will be honest about it below.

Over the last few months I've reviewed a dozen of these portable power units and I've taken every single one of them to work to give away. They just didn't inspire me to keep them around. This one seems to have joined together all the key features I've wanted.

* Nice sleek design that fits well in the hand.

* Digital readout of remaining capacity and current charging status

* Built-in flashlight so it's not JUST a battery but also a handy emergency device

* Dual outputs in 3.1 or 1.0A and tied for the highest capacity battery I've seen

* Comes with a cord with interchangeable heads for various device types from iPhone to US

* Handy on/off button to conserve power

In summary, this is the only battery I've seen that I'll be keeping for myself. That should say something.
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Plenty Of Power, Smart Features...

I first want to say I'm really impressed with the Eachine X-power Serie X2 10400mAh Power Bank. I have had the opportunity to buy, own and use numerous power banks from various manufactures over the last couple years and by far, this one is top of the line. Plenty of power: At 10400mAh in capacity, this power bank gives you lots of portable power on the go. This unit is designed with two (2) USB charging ports, one rated 1A and the other 2.1A. The charging ports can be used individually or simultaneously; perfect for charging a Smartphone and tablet at the same time. 10400mAh of power is a good amount for most devices out there; some examples of how much power that actually is: it's enough power to charge popular tablets like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD/HDX (average 4400mAh battery) nearly two or more full charges, and most Smartphones (average 2200mAh battery) nearly four or more full charges. Ready To Go Out Of The Box: The X2 power bank includes a multi-use USB charging

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