Eachine DSF3_EVO_BRUSHED Flight Controller Built-in DSM2/DSMX Satellite Receiver For Eachine QX95 QX90 QX90C

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DSF3_EVO_BRUSHED Flight Controller Built-in DSM2/DSMX Satellite Receiver For Eachine QX95 QX90 QX90C

Note: DSM2/DSMX Manual

This Flight Controller Update to DSM2/DSMX Protocol Satellite Receiver.

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: DSF3_EVO_BRUSHED Flight Controller Built-in DSM2/DSMX Receiver
Item NO.: QX958DS
Dimension: 22mm*32.5mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Weight: 3g
Receiver: DSM2/DSMX Compatible Satellite Receiver
Coreless motor plug: SH1.0
Firmware: SP RACING F3 EVO 1.13.0
Support work voltage: 3.6v~4.2v(1S Lipo battery)

1.F3_EVO_Brush revision is out of the F3 EVO SP RACING is based on a SP RACING F3 EVO firmware 32 brush flight control.
2.Independent design of the circuit structure
3.Using STM32F303CCT6 + MPU6500, advanced hardware platform F3 guarantee more stable flight.
4.With a large and high quality current NMOS transistors, operating current of up to 10A or more. Each Brushed motor is equipped with freewheeling diodes.
5.Integrated 2.4G DSM2 6CH PPM Receiver.
6.With battery voltage detection and buzzer interface(solder pad)
7.LED_STRIP Function(solder pad)

Connection diagram:

Receiver configuration:

1. DSM2/DSMX Receiver:
  Enable Serial RX for UART3 from the ports tab in Cleanflight configurator.
  Set Receiver mode to RX_SERIAL, Select SPEKTRUM1024 for DSM2 Radio and Select.
  SPEKTRUM2048 for DSMX Radio from the Receiver tab in Cleanflight configurator

Bind procedure:
1. Connect Flight controller to computer and open Cleanflight configurator From CLI tab type: "set spektrum_sat_bind = 9" for DSMX or "set spektrum_sat_bind = 5" for DSM2
2. Type "save" and after Flight controller reboot remove USB cable (=Power off the board)
3. Wait a second and reconnect the USB cable. After cold start satellite LED(Orange color LED) should start blinking and transmitter should be turned on while pressing the bind button.
4. After binding satellite LED should be solid. Connect Betaflight and use receiver tab to test that satellite is working correctly.
5. Final step is to go to CLI tab and type "set spektrum_sat_bind = 0"and then type "save". This must be done so that satellite doesn't go back to binding mode when the Flight controller is repowered again.

If you flashed the firmware or erase chip, please first do the bellowing procedure, don’t connect the battery otherwise the motor will auto-spin.
1.Cleanflight: Go to the CLI tab, type “Set motor_pwm_rate=1000” ,then enter save

2.Betaflight: Go to Configure Tab and set ESC/Motor protocol to BRUSHED

*This step is in order to avoid motor auto-spinning when connect the battery

Package included:
1 x DSF3_EVO_BRUSHED Flight Controller


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