Eachine EV800D 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles 5 Inch 800*480 Video Headset HD DVR Build in Battery

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Eachine EV800D 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles 5 Inch 800*480 Video Headset Build in HD DVR 7.4V 1200mAh Battery

Description :
Brand Name : EACHINE
Item Name : EV800D

Dimension: 180*145*82mm
Weight: 362g without antenna
Belt : three-way adjustable belt
Build in DVR
Record up to 720*576px full frame rate video, no frame lost (C10 card required)
Replay in MENU
Require C10 card to record full frame rate
Super sensitiveness in 2pcs RX5808 PRO modules
Great performance when two types (Linear and Omni) antennas are used
Screen size: 5.0 inch
Screen resolution: 800*480(No blur after enlarge by the lens)
Screen brightness: 600cd/m2 with special high brightness backlight LED for outdoor FPV
View Angle: 140/120 degree(Horizontal/Vertical)
3x boost of the video to acquire intense feel-in-there video;
92% transparent rate distort if light;
Built-in 7.4V/1200mAh battery;
Each battery circle offer around 2hr working time;
11-20V wide range recharging voltage range, typical recharging voltage is 12V
2S (7.4 V) /3S(11.1V) battery as back-up power t to have long working time.

Frequencies (5.8GHz, with RaceBand)

     CH      CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8
A or FR1 5865 MHZ 5845 MHZ 5825 MHZ 5805 MHZ 5785 MHZ 5765 MHZ 5745 MHZ 5725 MHZ
B or FR2 5733 MHZ 5752 MHZ 5771 MHZ 5790 MHZ 5809 MHZ 5828 MHZ 5847 MHZ 5866 MHZ
C or FR3 5705 MHZ 5685 MHZ 5665 MHZ 5645 MHZ 5885 MHZ 5905 MHZ 5925 MHZ 5945 MHZ
D or FR4 5740 MHZ 5760 MHZ 5780 MHZ 5800 MHZ 5820 MHZ 5840 MHZ 5860 MHZ 5880 MHZ
R or FR5 5658 MHZ 5695 MHZ 5732 MHZ 5769 MHZ 5806 MHZ 5843 MHZ 5880 MHZ 5917 MHZ

Built-in with super HD DVR record up to 720*576px resolution
Diversity RaceBand 40ch Auto-Searching 
Two system (Display/Record duo core separated chipsets ) ensure no delay in displaying and no frame lost in recording(please use C10 super speed card to ensure the full frame recording)
Work friendly with pilot-OSD, no block on the important flying OSD information;
Separable design, 5 inch screen can be used as small monitor on radio controller or with tripod;
HD high brightness 5 inch LCD specially tuned for FPV racing;
Diversity function, Built-in super sensitive 5.8GHz 40ch receiver module, with RaceRand;
Advanced auto-searching function and the working frequency show on screen;
Built-in 7.4V 1200mAh battery, each full charge offer 2 hours working time;
Wide range re-charge voltage 11-20V;
Accept 2S or 3S batteries as back-up power source, to prolong the working time;
Nice ergonomic design and fit different faces;
Super-wide visible angle up to 82 degree;
92% transparent lens adopted, no distort, no blur on the edge of screen;
Light weight 375g with 3.5 hr 2000mAh battery, RTF for any scale racing game;
5 Inch 800*480px HD high brightness LCD

Package Included :
1 x EV800D 40CH 5.8G Diversity Goggles with DVR
1 x Clover Antenna
1 x Panel Antenna
1 x Battery Charger
1 x 3S to DC Power Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Clean cloth
1 x Bag




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  • Why i only get 10 minutes of flight time from EV800D? It restarts nearly every 5 minutes and the akku ist empty really soon. The monitor restarts more often when an SD-Karte is inserted.
  • We suggust use micro SD card 32G Class10 because of the chip It is not battery problem. :)


Average rating:
5.0 / 5.0
  • 5.0
    By upyopyo

    signal is losing when inserting micro SD card.

    When inserting micro SD card, a vision signal is losing after 10sec. In fact, power is automatically shut down. Then I need to press a power button to turn on. If anyone has same issue, please let me know how to fix this, thanks! Or please send me new one, Eachine!!

  • 3.0
    By quaddab

    Good value but bad DVR

    These goggles are good in many ways. Better than most - if they worked well. Unfortunately, the DVR feature is unreliable. When it is recording it stops recording sometimes. This seems to be a known issue. Please fix this! Otherwise, good googles for anyone who doesn't need the DVR!

  • 5.0
    By PrazeresBA

    Mirroring the Remote Control screen on the EV800D via Video Cable

    Hello! I have a FIMI A3 Drone and the FPV EV800D. I already use the glasses with the FPV drone, but I want to connect the EV800D to the drone's Remote Control via CABLE, to see the technical flight indicators that are displayed only on the remote control screen. I've used several types of cables, but none of them worked correctly. The most I got was this visualization by cutting the upper part of the control screen, as per the PHOTO ATTACHED. What is the correct cable to buy and where can I buy it? Grateful, Cleidson Prazeres

  • 5.0
    By PrazeresBA

    Espelhamento da tela do Controle Remoto no EV800D via Cabo de Video

    Olá! Tenho um Drone FIMI A3 e o FPV EV800D. Eu já utilizo o óculos com o drone em FPV, mas quero conectar o EV800D no Controle Remoto do drone via CABO, para ter visualização dos indicadores técnicos de vôo que são exibidos apenas na tela do controle remoto. Já utilizei vários tipos de cabos, mas nenhum deles funcionou corretamente. O máximo que consegui foi essa visualização cortando a parte superior da tela do controle, conforme FOTO ANEXA. Qual o Cabo correto a ser adquirido e onde posso comprar? Grato, Cleidson Prazeres

  • 5.0
    By PrazeresBA

    Backup para EV800D

    Como posso instalar uma bateria de backup externa no meu EV800D, para prolongar o tempo de uso?

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