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Eachine LCD5802S 5802 40CH Raceband 5.8G 7 Inch Diversity Receiver Monitor with Build-in Battery

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Eachine LCD5802S 5802 40CH Raceband 5.8G 7 Inch Diversity Receiver Monitor with Build-in Battery

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: LCD5802S Monitor
Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual diversity receiver automatically for best reception
Built-in 2CH 5.8Ghz AV output and 1CH AV input
Built-in high performance Li-POLYMER Battery:?2000mAH/7.4V
Work status OSD display?:?RSSI indication ; Battery indicator;Channel indication
A key to automatic signal search
Support Chinese and English menu
Sensitivity: -90dBm
Screen size:7”
Screen type:TFT LCD Screen/long life, LED backlight
Resolution: 800*480
View Angle:140/120degree (Horizontal/Vertical)
Size:180mm x 120mm x 50mm(Note:Sunshield height:28mm)
Working Voltage:?DC 7~16V
Power Consumption:?max 650 mA @12V
Battery charging current?:?850mA @12V ( max )
Working temperature:?-10℃~+ 65 ℃
Connectors:RP-SMA female(outer needle)
Antennas Connectors:RP-SMA male (inner hole)

Built-in Dual Receiver Automatically for best reception Automatic Antenna Switching
Dual buffered AV outputs
Not affect by 2.4GHz R/C Radios
AV Receiver with Diversity inputs
Small, light weight, durable
5 Bands and total 40 Channels
Built-in battery , easy to carry and outdoor use
A key to automatic signal search,Simple operation
Work status OSD display:Always be aware of the device working condition.
Notice: It can't receive 2 different channels at the same time

Band and Channel selection

?????CH????? CH?1 CH?2 CH?3 CH?4 CH?5 CH?6 CH?7 CH?8
A 5865?MHZ 5845?MHZ 5825?MHZ 5805?MHZ 5785?MHZ 5765?MHZ 5745?MHZ 5725?MHZ
B 5733?MHZ 5752?MHZ 5771?MHZ 5790?MHZ 5809?MHZ 5828?MHZ 5847?MHZ 5866?MHZ
C 5705?MHZ 5685?MHZ 5665?MHZ 5645?MHZ 5885?MHZ 5905?MHZ 5925?MHZ 5945?MHZ
D 5740?MHZ 5760?MHZ 5780?MHZ 5800?MHZ 5820?MHZ 5840?MHZ 5860?MHZ 5880?MHZ
R 5658?MHZ 5695?MHZ 5732?MHZ 5769?MHZ 5806?MHZ 5843?MHZ 5880?MHZ 5917?MHZ

Package Included: ?
1 x 7" LCD Screen Receiver Monitor with built in Rechargable Battery
2 x 5.8G Antenna
2 x AV Cable
1 x Charger




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