Eachine R051 150CH 5.8G FPV AV Recevier Build in battery For iPhone Android IOS Smartphone Mobile Tablet

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Eachine R051 150CH 5.8G FPV AV Receiver Build in Battery For Android IOS Smartphone Mobile Tablet

Note : The receiver is compatible with most smartphones.  Only the iOS system in 8.0~11.0 versions are compatible, the iPhone 4&4s doesn' t work.
The iOS system doesn't support DVR function .

APP Download : 

Download from Eachine website. 

iOS Download and operation: Scan the QR code and download the APP , open "utools" and connect it with receiver, the "Eachine" icon will appear. You can click it and play . 

Channel : 150CH
Freqency : 5645~5945
Receiving Sensitivity : -90dBm
Working Current : 350mA
Working Temp. : -10°~60°
Battery Capacity : 400mAH
Weight : 36g with antenna 
Size :  55mm x 36mm x 15mm

1. Switch :  Power ON/OFF
2. Channel Button : Switch and Search Channels
3. Toggle Switch : Support to switch IOS/Android smartphone
4. Micro USB Port : Connecting IOS/Android Smartphone
5. Antenna : 5.8G wireless signal input
6. Indicator : Blue LED represents IOS mode;Green LED represents Android mode;Red LED represents low battery and charging mode.
1. Long press switch button for 3S : switch on(IOS Mode, blue LED on; Android Mode, green LED on)
2. Long press switch button for 3s : LED off, switch off.
3. If there is no device input, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes.
Auto Search Setting
1. IOS/Android Mode :  Long press the channel button for 3S, to enter into the auto search mode, Blue LED
(IOS)/Green LED(Android) flashes. After the auto search finished, LED is constant, and it will switch to the channel of strongest signal.
2. It will display the signal strength and frequency on smartphone while auto searching.
3. It can save the last channel setting.
Channel Setting
1. IOS/Android Mode : Each time you press the channel button ,the channel increases by 2MHz, Blue LED
(IOS)/Green LED(Android) flashes once.
2. It can save the last channel setting.
Battery Indicator
1. Red LED flashes slowly : Low battery, the receiver will switch off after it flashes about 3 minutes
2. There is a battery power icon on bottom right of smartphone, will flashes when it is in low battery.
1. It must be switched off while charging
2. While charging, red LED flashes; after charing finished, red LED shows constantly
3. After swithed off, please disconnect with smarphone. Because the android smarphone will charge it while it is off.
As soon as you connect the receiver with your smartphone, it will be auto recognized and open the APP.  

1. The channel frequency, signal strength and dynamic diagram will not displayed untill you press or long press "searching button" to enter into the auto searching function. And these information will be hidden 10s later.
2. The icons of Channel frequency, signal strength and power will display constantly on bottom right of video, these information will refresh each 10s.
3. The connection of android and IOS mobiles are different, please check pictures on page.

Package Included
1 x Eachine R051 150CH Receiver
1 x USB A Female to Micro USB Male Cable
1 x SMA Antenna


  • How can i do FPV On my Laptop/PC?
  • You need download a software first. Please check this video. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZBePhvjMW0&t


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5.0 / 5.0
  • 5.0
    By Sergey osv

    Please help me

    I purchased a receiver eachine R051 and I wanted you to answer a few questions about this product. 1.c what version of android is needed to use it? 2. What version of ios is needed to use it? 3. Which program would you recommend to use on iOS 4. Which program would you recommend using with android? 5. When I bought this transmitter, the seller in the description gave a link to the application “uTools”, but this application is not convenient, there is no possibility to use VR mode and when recording video, the program crashes. I watched the reviews on this receiver there also use the “utools” application, but there apparently use the old version of “utools” in which there is a VR mode and a screen recording. I wanted to know from you as a specialist what other program you can use with the receiver “Eachine R051” for better work. Thanks for attention. I'm really looking forward to your answer (I am writing through a translator; errors are possible)

  • 5.0
    By Stuart K.

    Works great! Very happy with the image quality and

    Works great! Very happy with the image quality and latency

  • 5.0
    By KevinM9082

    Awesome within 5 minutes!

    Works better than expected for my Furibee x215. I bought this to show my GF what I was seeing in the FPV of my goggles. The image is the same quality as my camera (so meh), but it connects easily to my laptop with software you can download for free. I would still recommend getting FPV goggles as the glare on my laptop screen is tough in bright sunlight, but otherwise works amazing! Check YouTube for some easily tutorial videos.

  • 5.0
    By Tony K.

    Make sure your android device is compatible with UVC OTG and you're good to go.

    Great little device to allow using your android smart phone or tablet as an FPV monitor and/or DVR. Can also be plugged into a PC using a standard micro usb cable. Seems to have pretty good range with the included dipole antenna, or you can use a polarized rp-sma antenna to match the antenna you're using on your VTX. I initially though I was having compatibility issues with my phone and Amazon Fire tablet, which turned out to be a faulty UVC cable, but EACHINE Amazon quickly resolved my problem when I contacted them. Great customer service! Thank you! I highly recommend both the ROTG01 and the EACHINE store on Amazon.

  • 5.0
    By Donald H.

    Works with Galaxy 7 Edge

    I downloaded GoFPV and the app said my phone wouldn't support it. Being the rebel that I am, I tried it nonetheless. It works perfectly. There is a bit of a lag. For my purposes it will work just fine though. This product does not work with any of my Android tablets though (at least not with that app). Great product. Plug and play.

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