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Eachine R90S Gasoline 3.2cc Miniature Horizontally Opposed Two-Cylinder Four-Stroke Motorcycle Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model

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Item Name:R90S Gasoline Engine Model
Color: As Shown
Material: Brass + Stainless Steel + Wood
Wooden Base Size: 150*120*30mm
Weight: 1760g; displacement: 3.2CC
Cylinder diameter: 13mm; stroke: 12mm
Ignition device power supply voltage: 4.5V (use 3 AA Battery, battery is not included)
Start Method: external force (electric drill) or manual
Product Dimensions: 32.2 x 18.8 x 1cm
Product Weight: 800g
Package Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 6cm
Package Weight: 1000g
Packing: Box
Motorcycle Engine:
The cylinder body is level, so that the cylinder can avoid obstacles on the front wheels of the motorcycle and obtain good air-cooled heat dissipation performance. Two symmetrical exhaust pipes are one of the hallmarks of a horizontally opposed engine. The advantage of this model lies in its ingenious structural design, and every component restores the mechanical principle. An all-metal engine model that can be started and operated
Sophisticated Manufacturing:
We use precision casting for the entire engine, and each part is carefully crafted. The contour of the cylinder and the casting process of other parts are very round, which became the most significant feature of motorcycles in that era. You will feel the unique charm brought by the mechanical operation of the engine.
Steps to start the engine:
(1) Check the engine wiring from the wooden base, connect the fuel tank oil pipe, and install 3 AA batteries (4.5V);
(2) Fill the fuel tank with 95# gasoline. The flywheel rotates clockwise multiple times on the right side of the engine (the surface of the power switch), its function can make the mixed fuel completely enter the cylinder and ensure that there is no air in the fuel pipe;
(3) Turn on the power switch, and then quickly turn the flywheel clockwise to stop the engine Start the engine on the right side (surface of the power switch)
(1) If the ignition device is normal and the cylinder compression is normal, and the machine cannot start normally, it is likely to need to adjust the carburetor oil needle;
(2) After tightening the main oil needle on the carburetor, loosen 1 /4 turns and start the flywheel to make the mixing ratio of gasoline and air reach the normal working mixing ratio;
(3) When the machine stops running, turn off the power switch
Superb Model Gift:
This is an amazing mechanical craft, feel the charm of the engine when it is working. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift of personalized high-end model gifts to friends, family members and model lovers during major festivals. Suitable age: 14 years old and above
1. Please understand the product might have some colour difference due to different monitors and scenes.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data. 
Package Included:
1x Engine
1x Manual



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