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Tobyrich SmartPlane Pro FPV+ Smartphone Controlled 300mm Airplane RTF With FPV Diversity DVR Goggles

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With the SmartPlane Pro FPV + , you can fly like a bird. The complete package to ascend to breathtaking heights and to survey the surroundings from the player's perspective. The integrated camera sends live the perspective of the aircraft to your VR glasses and lets you immerse yourself in a new world. Explore the area and experience it from the bird's eye view!
The SmartPlane Pro FPV + is based on the basic technology of the SmartPlane Pro, supplemented by the first-person-view camera and the VR glasses with integrated LCD display. This will give you all the features of the SmartPlane Pro supplemented with the camera and glasses. During the camera flight, you can concentrate fully on the flight experience. The stabilization and weather control takes over your SmartPlane Pro FPV + app.

Specification of Plane:
Brand Name: Tobyrich
Item Name: SmartPlane Pro FPV+
Flight Time: Approx. 12 min
Weight: 38 g (0,084 lbs)
Charging Time: About 20 min
Length: 33 cm (13 in)
Battery: Li-Po 185 mAh
Wingspan: 30 cm (11,81 in)
Colour: Black, Blue
Height: 11,6 cm (4,6 in)
Material: DURINUM, Carbon
Range: min. 100 m (330 feet)
Wireless Standard: Bluetooth Smart
Looping, Hover mode, Speed Boost, Helictoper mode, Cobra and many more
Specifications of Camera & Goggles:
Camera Resolution: 720 x576 px
Video Format: NTSC
Goggles Resolution:800 x 480 px
Operating Time: 3.5h
Viewing Angle: 140 degree horizontal, 120 degeree vertical
Screen Size: 5 inch
DVR Funciton: Yes, include 2GB MicroSD card
Frequency: 5.8 GHz raceband (frequencies 5732, 5769, 5806 or 5843 MHz)
Compatible with most popular FPV drones.
No smartphone needed as display! Real LCD screen integrated.
APP Specification:
Two Flight Modes: Joystick or tilt
Three Difficulty Modes: Beginner, Advanced, Expert
Flight Training: Learn flying in the interactive App Flight School. Complete the tutorials and become a real flight captain.
Secure Bluetooth Smart connection
Compatibility Apple: iPhone 4s or newer, iPod touch, 5th gen or newer, iPad 3rd gen, or newer and iPad mini
Compatibility Android: Android devices with Bluetooth Smart and Android 4.3 or later

Live camera on plane for first-person view (FPV) flights
High-quality VR glasses with LCD display. No insertion of the smartphone needed. Glasses are compatible with all common FPV cameras and therefore can also be used for FPV products from other manufacturers.
9-axis stabilized app control
Height stabilization by pressure sensor
Two Control modes: intuitive tilting or joystick
Gaming joystick for high-precision flights included
Replaceable lipo battery for a long flight fun
Made of patented, high-strength DURINUM material
Carbon-reinforced hull structure
Ready-to-fly (RTF): no assembly, no gluing necessary

The video function must be activated in the SmartPlane Pro FPV+ before the first commissioning! To do so, 
start the SmartPlane app and plug the battery into the aircraft. When you first connect Smartphone and SmartPlane Pro FPV+ 
you can agree to the terms of use and thus enable video transmission.  

Package Included:
1x SmartPlane Pro FPV +
1x VR glasses
1x 2GB MicroSD card
1x VR glasses charging cable
1x gaming joystick
1x battery
1x battery charger
1x replacement propeller
1x propeller change tool
1x instructions


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